Creativity is the answer A partnership that rewrites the rules of the game.

Athletes do not settle for average. And neither does Adidas. On a mission to expand the limits of human possibilities, and include and unite people in sport, Adidas keeps things simple, lean, and fast. With sports playing an increasingly important role in people’s lives, on and off the field of play, we make sure Adidas gets to stand out from the crowd with activations, launch events, and communications that rewrite the rules of the game.

We connect Adidas with the non-conformists. For real.


Introducing an urban temple of creativity.

With online shopping on the rise, experiential retail is the future. Experiences that completely immerse the customer into the brand’s world are the added value that consumers so eagerly seek. That is why we took advantage of the launch of the new campaign ‘creativity is the answer’ to turn Paris La Défense into a mecca for creativity, with the Adidas store as our starting point.

To do so, we brought together a community of urban creators for a month of challenges in the heart of Paris La Défense. On the programme: urbex runs in the district’s maze, football battles to the rhythm of a beatboxer, morning VOGA sessions on the roof of the Grand Arche and a place to customise your sneakers.

+ 400

Participants ready to surpass themselves


Km explored


A 3D Sound Experience

Imagine being completely immersed in an incredible digital and 3D urban sound experience, looking for the rapper Georgio in the middle of the night. Put on your headphones, close your eyes and let yourself be surprised. Thanks to holophonic technology the story comes to life around you and you become the actor in the scene. Supported by a digital media campaign, by Georgio himself, and relayed in shops, intothenite.fr made thousands of people experience a sleepless night in broad daylight.

More than 50,000 fans followed rapper Georgio during his sleepless night roaming the streets of Paris. Supported by a digital media campaign and relayed in shops, ‘Into the Nite’ connected with thousands of fans.