Creating heroic conversations Close to ten years of creation and collaboration.

As the digital revolution powers on unabated, Google aims to improve the lives of as many people as possible. Because knowledge is power. And to make a better world, it should be freely accessible to all. Live and online. Which is why we develop experiential ways of engaging audiences around the world for Google.

Serving consumers and businesses across many verticals, our partnership covers the full spectrum of creative communication. From the platforms developed to the events rolled out, we bring the heroic conversations that spark excitement and inspire ideas to life.

We connect Google with the world. For real.
Award winning


Inspirational narratives that guarantee accessibility for all.

Products and narratives are best experienced in an environment designed to deliver the ultimate personal interaction. Google’s inclusive events are there to light everyone’s path. Whatever your age, no matter your query; these events, workshops, and masterclasses are infused with inspirational narrative and shine as the hero moments in a broader activation strategy.

Google aims to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible to all. The Oval Office brings it to live.


Programmes for personal and professional growth.

The programmes we develop for Google are built on a long term strategy and result in a wealth of happenings and spinoffs that can carry on for months. Years even. Because the day you stop learning, you lose your edge. Over the competition. Over your peers. Your grandchildren.

From upskilling jobseekers to maturing mobile digital transformation, we want you to know it all. Pick and choose the skills you seek, learn at your own pace, and create your own opportunities.