For those who love design Sweet dreams are made of this.

Every journey begins with a dream. And for the ibis Styles hotels, this means stepping into the minds and hearts of their customers. With each hotel telling a different story, guests are transported to a new world where hospitality meets creativity. Something we chose to celebrate with the stunning coffee table book ‘Once upon a Styles’. It is that creativity that we celebrate through the extraordinary experiences we create for the Accor Group – a brand that dedicates itself to today’s families and urban creatives.

We connect ibis Styles with design lovers. For real.


The design competition that awakens young talent.

Our challenge was to connect ibis Styles with the design world whilst reinforcing its positioning with families and ensuring the quality of the experience for young and old. And so we put our trust in the new generation of designers by launching the ‘Design me an object’ competition. The students of Paris’ leading design school ENSCI, and with the support of Brichet Ziegler Studio, came up with fifteen projects, each one as unusual as it was ingenious. It led to three finalists and one overall winner who saw their incredible project for a nomadic hut come to fruition with the introduction of the Cabanadodo. This modular and fun structure allows children to create their own space in a room shared with their parents.

9,700,000 The Cabanadodo wowed guests and hoteliers thanks to its inventive design and was unveiled in an exclusive partnership with ELLE magazine - generating 9,700,000 impressions - and featured at Paris Design Week’s OFF exhibition. There are now Cabanadodo’s in 28 ibis Styles hotels worldwide.


Fostering a heartfelt connection.

Word of mouth is pretty powerful. As is acceptance within the community. To help foster a genuine bond between ibis Styles and its customers – and future customers – we redefined hotel animation. Over thirty DIY workshops for children were organised, giving parents a welcome break, by influencers and creative souls who helped the kids make their own unique designs. A bit of cutting, some collage glue and a good dose of creativity were all that was needed to establish a genuine connection between the brand, its neighbours and its customers. 


The giant adventure in your bed.

Which child hasn’t come up with the wildest adventures in bed, turning it into a pirate ship or a spaceship to conquer dreamworlds? We used that premise with to connect the youngest travellers with ibis Styles love of design.

We developed an augmented reality space adventure, to be used on the ibis Styles Family rooms beds. Your pillow becomes a dashboard with flashing lights and thanks to the app that kids can download onto their phone or tablet, they are ready for instant lift-off to the stars.

Help an alien in trouble. Protect the Bubble Planets from the comet heading their way. Sculpt asteroids into yummy treats. Just a few of the missions available to our astronauts for a night. A fun experience for all age during their stay in the hotel.