Pushing the boundaries of exploration Life changing journeys begin here.

Iconic National Geographic has always spoken to the imagination. Its programmes, documentaries, and series continually push the boundaries of exploration. But in a world dominated by white noise, how do you get people to sit up and take note? Together we explore the farthest reaches of communication.

Multiple award winning special events and live activations expose audiences to all the weird and wonderful things that are part of life on Earth. Life changing journeys begin here, at The Oval Office.

We connect National Geographic with enquiring minds. For real.
Award winning


The most exclusive vantage point on Earth.

To promote the new Darren Aronofsky series ‘One Strange Rock’, we took our cue from the series and offered our guests an exceptional view of Earth. Suspended 30 metres above the ground in Saint Cloud Park, Paris, our movie theatre in the sky hosted just 140 lucky guests for this special series preview.

With the capital’s skyline as our backdrop and the wind gently swaying the rig, this truly immersive experience reinvented open-air screening and reminded our audience of the (in)significance of mankind.




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The world’s first ever Martian car service.

The colonisation of Mars has inspired comics, movies, and entrepreneurs since man first landed on the moon. Life on the Red Planet could be the ultimate disruptor – or solution – to life on Earth. To transport audiences to a destination 70 million kilometres away, we joined forces with Uber.

For two days, Parisians were able to book a ride with one of three Mars Rovers instead of their usual ride. A riveting experience that captivated the hearts and minds of our lucky explorers.


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Award winning


A culinary experience to satisfy the most discerning dino fans and history buffs.

The average viewer might not salivate at the thought of watching an incredibly realistic dissection of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. But we relished the idea of seeing palaeontologists getting stuck into a juicy dinosaur steak. Or burger, as the case may be.

And so we had top chef Zachary Gavillers and palaeontologist Sébastien Steyer create the T-Rex burger for the launch of this new series. Catapulting us straight back to the Cretaceous period, the bizarrely tasty recipe was a hit with diners of all ages and resulted in record media coverage for the show.


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