Playing is believing Generations of smiles.

On a mission to constantly redefine entertainment, Nintendo sets the standard for family friendly fun. Characters like Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong are legendary and are firm favourites with gamers of all ages. For the past decade we have helped Nintendo Benelux connect with consumers, retailers, influencers, and journalists through unique and surprising experiences that bring their games – and characters – to life.

Our secret weapon in this longstanding partnership? A team of brand ambassadors – gaming enthusiasts with personality – and an in-house team of imaginative creatives who dream up the most memorable of experiences.

We connect Nintendo with gamers around the globe. For real.


Get ready to do battle.

Will you be the lucky player who gets to test our newest game or device? Can you beat world class players? The special launch events and gaming competitions we organise on behalf of Nintendo are spectacles in their own right.

From livestreamed European Smash Ball Cup Finals to fabricating your own enhancements for the new Nintendo Switch, we make sure that connections are forged, battles are won and hearts are lost to the art of the game.


Nintendo on Tour: powerful live experiences.

Wherever you go, there we are: festivals, theme parks, shopping centres, and holiday destinations are our regular stomping grounds when we take Nintendo on Tour. Offering fans the chance to experience the latest Wii U or Switch consoles and games, our brand ambassadors embody Nintendo’s unique brand values.

Year after year, we have successfully created memorable experiences that result in higher brand engagement and increased sales.

SINCE 2010

Nintendo on Tour has visited hundreds of locations, turning people of all ages into avid gamers. Next level gaming experiences are what Nintendo is known for and exactly what we deliver.

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Well trained brand ambassadors


Shareable brand experiences.

Trade fairs and gaming events such as Comic Con, FACTS and GameForce are the ultimate destination for movie, gaming, superhero, and pop culture fans. Trade shows like Japan Expo are the perfect place to connect directly with our target audience.

Interactive booths transport visitors into a world of discovery, exploration, and adventure as they get to try out the latest games and consoles. Because when it comes to gaming, playing is believing.


Gamers enjoyed the Nintendo experience at four uniquely branded stands at Japan Expo.