Staying human in a high tech world Connecting hearts and minds around the globe.

If, like Randstad, you are a global leader in HR services, you have to keep making a difference. Day in, day out. Going the extra mile for employees, talents and clients. How? By safeguarding the human aspect in a world that is driven by technology.

Randstad is on course to touch 500 million working lives by 2030. We are happy to help Randstad achieve this and are proud of our collaboration. It is a partnership where we dare to look at the long term together. Our common goal is to connect Randstad employees worldwide, with each other and with local talent.

We connect Randstad with its 34,000 employees. For real.


60 years of pushing boundaries.

Every birthday is worth celebrating, but a diamond anniversary is something truly special. Randstad Global wanted to celebrate this special jubilee with everyone. And by everyone, we mean 34,000 employees around the world. And so we developed an online Randstad 60 programme with the theme ‘Above & Beyond’. Since 1959 employees have dedicated themselves to their candidates, clients and each other.

On September 29, 2020 – Randstad’s official birthday – we kicked off with a global online show (the pandemic meant we had to go from live to online). The kick-off was followed by three online activations: the check-in, the stories, and the game. Human Forward, internal engagement and celebration Randstad 60 were central to all activities.


Employees worldwide


Days of celebrations


Don’t let a global pandemic bring you down.

When COVID-19 brought the world to a sudden standstill, Randstad moved forward. Quickly. Ready-to-use content that allowed consultants to initiate contact with customers and prospects helped reinforce their thought leadership in HR and kept sales on target.

A brand new external, global content programme was rolled out for the organisation across 38 countries and embraced by all. #NewWays is not just a concept, it is a promise. A new way of working in the new normal. Snackable content has since become an integral part of the Randstad content journey, going beyond the pandemic-oriented content of 2020.