The clearest of messages Some things have to be experienced.

We are all responsible drivers. We care about the safety of ourselves and others, and know the rules. But insights change and so do road safety regulations. Enforcing the rules, limiting accidents and ensuring the safety of drivers, riders and pedestrians of all ages takes tactful communication.

After all, educational messages can easily take a priggish tone. Sécurité Routière, as part of the Ministry of Interior, has partnered with us for a brand activation campaign that both resonates and educates since 2009.

We connect Sécurité Routière with all road users. For real.


Yes, we went there.

Some things are best experienced. Smart and simple street marketing tactics are a great way of getting your message across. To introduce a new law on certified gloves to scooter and motorbike riders, we created the world’s first sandpaper backed flyer. Mimicking the sensation of skin on asphalt at 30km/h, it showed riders why they should use the proper gear.

Similarly, our ‘Letters to a Biker’ – handwritten testimonials by road accident victims – brought the importance of road safety home in the clearest of ways. Learning from one's mistakes is good, but learning from others is to avoid making them.

+ 150,000

Abrasive flyers reached riders in all major French cities

+ 200,000

Testimonials read


It's your decision. Make it a good one.

We all love a good party. Festivals in particular are an all-time favourite. And not only because the bands are great. They are also the perfect place to connect with young adults and to share beautiful moments. However it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Making wise decisions about how you are going to get home at the end of the day is part of growing up as well.

Sam does not need alcohol to enjoy the party. He deserves to be appreciated for the dedication he makes to protect his friends. Make sure you have a Sam and get home safely. We have been organising experience driven activations dedicated to Sam at Solidays Festival since 2012.



+ 100,000