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Passionate about helping people exceed their potential, The Adecco Group is a global leader in the Future of Work. As HQ’s strategic and advisory partner, we deliver powerful corporate reputation events tailored to engage the many specific divisions and areas of expertise that their 35,000 strong team comprises. Because world class speakers deserve a world class experience, flawlessly executed. Precisely what we do best.

We connect The Adecco Group with global talent. For real.


Unleashing the power of work through diversity.

Each year The Adecco Group launches its Global Talent Competitiveness Index in collaboration with INSEAD. Presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, both the report and the conference are highlights of the business year. Notable insights were presented by the researchers and discussed by a panel of experts.

With a global C-suite audience, press, and industry stakeholders attending, we made sure there was ample opportunity for questions and in-depth interviews.


Custom 3D environment with branding possibilities.

The Adecco Future Series provides industry thought leaders with an interactive podium where C-suite attendees actively brainstorm and work together on a number of statements and challenges. In 2020 the Future Series went fully digital with a 24 hour livestream that served multiple time zones.

Participants were able to participate live, watch content, and join plenary sessions through a 3D platform developed for the occasion. Internal and social media communication via TAG’s official channels fleshed out the conference’s content.


Hrs streaming



“Sincere congratulations on FU.SE success! I keep receiving emails and messages with many compliments about the online event platform – and I pass these words to you as this is your huge achievement.”
Liana Melchenko, Head of Thought Leadership and Future Series, The Adecco Group Foundation


A virtual event isn’t a concession, it’s an opportunity.

When you are about to introduce a new global strategy, you want to make sure everybody is on board. Taking a phased approach, we organised a multi-day digital conference with an interactive, personalised platform that included on-demand plenary sessions and virtual breakout rooms.

Broadcasting live from a professional studio in Zurich and with the technical control room based in Antwerp was no mean feat. From developing the various topics for discussion to creating the interactive platform, on-screen content and videos, to directing the rehearsals and live presentations, we relished every moment.


Km between control room and studio


Conference attendees

“We would like to thank you for your immense contribution, enthusiasm and dedication to making both the Capital Markets Day and the Global Leaders Conference successful and memorable events. We were lucky to have you and your team in making both events a great success.”
Christopher Wade, Global Head of Internal Communications, The Adecco Group