Transition priorities to vision 2050 10 policy areas, 72 entities and 6,5 million people.

‘Vision 2050’ aims to accelerate Flanders’ transformation as an inclusive, prosperous, innovative and sustainable region. Covering ten different policy areas ranging from Education to Mobility, our partnership with the Flemish government runs the entire gamut of graphic communication.

We are responsible for all the online and offline communications for the 72 entities that comprise the various governmental departments and agencies. Information and behaviour change are the common leitmotif of these campaigns.

We connect the Flemish government with 6,629,143 citizens. For real.


Don’t hang about. Enjoy a smoother, safer ride. Sans traffic jams.

The Flemish Government aims to make transport smoother, safer and more environmentally friendly. With some 32 large construction sites on motorways planned between 2018 and 2020, we needed to come up with a campaign that encouraged drivers to check the dedicated website.

Billboards, premium website banners, social videos and even TV pause button advertisements served to inform and make consulting the website before setting out a natural reflex.


Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll or family-sized bucket of popcorn?

In 2020 the Flemish Government, together with the French and German-speaking Communities and the Joint Community Commission, introduced a new classification system for films that appear in Belgian cinemas to replace the old labels.

The Oval Office was responsible for the national launch and PR strategy and campaign in the 3 national languages. Starting with a single name across all three languages, we laid the strategic basis for approach, message, concept, segmented campaign and PR.


Press conference headed by 5 ministers


Cinemagoers reached


Find out who is paying for your trip to the salon.

With a brand new lease decree coming into force in 2019, landlords and tenants needed informing of their rights and responsibilities. A series of tongue-in-cheek online videos, radio spots, and animated billboards in public transport hubs helped direct traffic towards the dedicated website.

A lot of effort was put into translating the decree into easily understood messages for each target audience and eye catching imagery. Thanks to the relatable nature of the campaign it was a massive hit.


Inspiring trust and togetherness.

Finding their corporate identity to be interpreted in the broadest terms by graphic designers and corporate identity experts, the Flemish Government was in dire need of a clear brand guideline. And so we developed a powerful and instantly recognisable corporate identity supported by the baseline 'We've got style. A corporate style'.

Using government employees as our models made the campaign highly relatable and accessible. Needless to say, adoption of the new look and feel was instant.