The Oval Office Inspired by you

We connect Adidas with the non-conformists. For real.

Our belief

We connect people and brands. For real.

Society is changing. Rapidly. Yet the essence of communication will always stay the same, based on that one basic insight: people have a deeply rooted need to connect. With each other and with brands. Brands they have loved for years and brands they meet for the first time. We help brands connect with people. And vice versa. For real.

We forge lasting ties between brands and people. Both on a human level and on a tangible, experiential level through memorable moments. At The Oval Office, we activate those experiences to drive your communication forward. In real life, face to face, online and offline. Virtual life is only half of the story; we strongly believe in adding the power of real life and activating all of our senses. For real.

Our approach


Empathy. At The Oval Office it’s so much more than a buzzword. It is ingrained in our very DNA. We use empathy to create campaigns that make a genuine impact on the target group of our clients. That is why our Empathy Value Index™ (EVI) is a methodology that truly uses the power of empathy. We developed two separate versions. The Empathy Value Index™, Brand edition, measures and fosters the connection between brand and target group. The goal of the Empathy Value Index™, Employer edition, is to strengthen the bond between employer and employee.

In both cases we take the time to stand in people’s shoes, to find out what drives, inspires, repels or attracts them. We embrace empathy in everything we do because it brings out the best in people, brands and employers. 

Our expertise


The Oval Office augments human experiences and places them at the heart of every campaign. At The Oval Office, we activate those experiences to drive your communication forward. Remember how your first kiss blew you away? That is experience-driven communication. Authentic and creative communication that mixes live, social, digital, content, and media across all touchpoints.

We are proud to work for many A-brands active in all fields of society, as well for governmental and not-for-profit organisations. Our 80+ team intertwines their talent across 8 different expertise, blending together seamlessly for award-winning campaigns.

Born in Europe

We are proud to be born in Belgium. A diverse, creative, and quirky little country that makes the heart of Europe beat. As we grow, our agency is well positioned to reach audiences across Europe, doing our part to create a more connected, more empathetic continent. A single 80+ strong team works together from our offices in Belgium, The Netherlands and France.      

Our path forward transcends cultures and languages to write a common story. We cannot predict our future, but we know it will be European. Together we pursue our shared European dream with excitement, determined to make the most of it.      

Together, with love, For Real.