Human to human relationships Making sparks fly by truly connecting people.

As any self-respecting HR professional will tell you, it is the people that spark success in any business. And to get a proper grasp of people’s needs, you need to be close to them. Which is precisely what we do for leading HR Solution provider SD Worx.

We make sure that employees and clients alike feel a genuine connection with each other and the organisations they work with. The campaigns, events and activations we put on for SD Worx all have a single goal: to spark the connections that bring the values of proximity, respect and empathy to life.

We connect SD Worx with those passionate about HR. For real.
Award winning


You better practice what you preach.

SD Worx sought to celebrate their SME division’s 15th anniversary with a night to remember. Which is precisely what we delivered. Completely ignoring their brief for a large event, we went one better and organised 81 small parties instead. Because if proximity is your key value, you better be ready to get up close and personal.

SD Worx staff were asked to open up their homes and their living rooms to colleagues, customers, and recording artists for the most intimate of experiences: a living room concert. One night, one hundred artists, three hundred volunteers, sixteen hundred clients, and eighty-one concerts later, the event sparked more intimate connections than we could have dreamed.

1 night

One single night of Intimate Concerts across Belgium.


Bands entertained 1600 customers and 400 employees.

“The Oval Office's proposal was fully in line with our proxy values: respect, proximity, empathy and pride. But what took us by surprise was the level of engagement of the employees, as well as the extremely positive feedback from our clients. Unquestionably a successful evening!”
Luc Van Praet, Marketing Director, SD Worx


Supporting each other through difficult times. 

The personal chemistry that creates sparks is undeniable. But with everyone #WFH until further notice, video conferencing quickly sucked all the magic out of 2020. With a brand new strategy – we spark success at the heart of your business so you and your people can thrive – and a 75th anniversary to celebrate, SD Worx needed to find a way to inject a little magic back into people’s lives. And so we did with a year-long online campaign that shone like a beacon of hope during dark times.

+ 10,000

E-cards sent


Sparks sent

Award winning


Knowing me, knowing you.

If you really want to get to know someone, then break down the barriers. And if you do it right, it can be award winning stuff. To help SD Worx employees gain an even better understanding of their clients’ needs, we got them to work with them. Quite literally. Our ‘Are you the perfect match?’ campaign recruited employees who’d be interested in getting to know their customers on a deeper level.

A deeply unifying experience that not only led to a perfect match between 420 agents and client companies, but also between SD Worx and The Oval Office.


Perfectly Matched HR Agents and Client Companies.