Unsung urban heroes Piping hot pizza, crispy fried chicken, and B2B partnerships.

They say hospitality runs in your blood. And as any restaurateur will tell you, opening your own business is a dream come true. It also takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Thuisbezorgd.nl – as part of the Takeaway.com brand – has made it their mission to help hardworking owners grow their business and compete in the delivery market. We help Thuisbezorgd.nl connect with those owners.

We connect Takeaway.com with its partners. For real.


The convenient and reliable boost for your business.

Thuisbezorgd.nl is a seasoned player in the industry. However, the fact that they help partner restaurants with everything from marketing and logistics to purchasing and sales is less well-known. To show potential partners why they should work with Thuisbezorgd.nl, we brought the full-on experience to The Netherlands’ largest industry trade show.

The booth quite literally embodied the brand with its iconic delivery bag blown up to larger-than-life proportions. Designed to communicate multiple messages, it ended up being one of the most successful campaigns ever initiated by the Takeaway.com brand.


Celebrating quality of service delivery, whatever your size.

Thuisbezorgd.nl considers the restaurants it works with to be real partners and recognises that each partnership is unique. After all, you are only as good as the people you work with and success is something that should be shared.
To reward partner restaurants for outstanding quality and to motivate them to continue investing in excellence, we introduced the Best Restaurant Awards together with Thuisbezorgd.nl. In 2019 the Awards were presented at the Horecava trade fair, in 2020 we went fully digital. The ceremony was livestreamed to over 2,000 viewers. After this great result, we are excited to introduce the Best Restaurant Awards in other European countries together with Thuisbezorgd.nl.

“The Oval Office has helped us connect with our audiences in a completely new way. The team took us through the entire process from A to Z, with strong expertise and knowledge of live experiences and communication.”
Sascha van Ginneken, Partner Marketing Coördinator, Benelux Thuisbezorgd.nl